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The social listening tool made for early-stage startups.

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What's social listening?

Social listening is all about using technology to find and engage with people who share your interests - like your startup. PMAlerts is an opinionated social listening tool that prioritizes quality engagement over quantity. It's like Google Alerts, but with social media penetration, a rich API, Slack integration, and webhooks.

Why should I care about social listening?

It can be hard to find your first 10, 100, or 1000 paying customers, especially if you don't have an easy way to reach your audience. Social listening is a cost-effective way to get past that hurdle. It makes it easy for you to find people who you can help.

Is PMAlerts right for me?

If you're looking for advanced analytics, trend analysis, content scheduling, or other features that you might find in a social media management suite, PMAlerts probably isn't for you. PMAlerts does one thing, really well - it connects you with people who are talking about whatever you're thinking about.

How can PMAlerts help me?

Use cases include:

Why PMAlerts?

PMAlerts is simple and extensible. It makes it very easy for you to pull relevant social data into your own systems via webhooks and other integrations.

What's the catch?

For some platforms (like LinkedIn), I use search engines to poll for fresh content. For these platforms, you'll only be alerted about things that web crawlers find. Native search for these platforms is on my backlog, but I'd like to fund these improvements with revenue from paying customers. Platform penetration is tracked on Karma.

Who are you?

I'm Mick! Pleasure to meet you.

Is it *only* for early-stage startups?

No! It's for PR professionals, PMs, and anyone else who wants to listen to social media. This branding is an intentional targeting the innovator segment of the technology adoption curve. This targeting is important to me because PMAlerts is still rough around the edges, and I've found that innovators are usually very forgiving because they personally understand how difficult it can be to bring a new idea to life.

Who's using PMAlerts?

As of November 24th 2020, 680 people are using PMAlerts on at least a weekly basis. A large percentage of these users came from my HackerNews post. Employees of Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon, and lots of other companies use PMAlerts to get closer to their customers every day.

How can I get started?

First, consider your target demographic's signals - the words and phrases they're using online. That could be your company name, a competitor, or a phrase. Then, create alerts for those signals here on PMAlerts. PMAlerts will then notify you whenever those signals appear online.

Where can I learn more?

You can read the FAQ, the webhooks guide, the Slack guide, a post about nets and spears, or other docs. You can also reach out to me with feedback or questions.