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Frequently Asked Questions

What's PMAlerts?

PMAlerts is a social listening tool. You tell PMAlerts what you care about, and PMAlerts tells you when those things are mentioned online.

How can PMAlerts help me?

If you want to automate your customer research, PMAlerts can listen for your customer signals and then alert you and your team either via emails, text messages, or webhooks in near real-time.

If you want to protect embargoes, PMAlerts can listen to mentions of your embargoed assets and alert you when hits are found.

If you want to support the launch of a new product, PMAlerts can help you drop into conversations as people discuss your new product online.

If you want to automate your competitive analysis, you can use PMAlerts to listen for mentions of your competitors so that you and your team can learn more about consumer needs.

If you want to manage your brand's reputation, PMAlerts can tell you whenever someone mentions your brand online.

If you want to build your network, PMAlerts can tell you when there's an opportunity to provide value within the types of conversations that you care about.

If you want to consolidate your social media feeds, PMAlerts will make sure that you only ever see exactly what you ask for, and nothing more.

If you want to stay on top of a trend or topic, PMAlerts can send you a recurring summary of what's happening.

If you want to help people solve problems, you can use PMAlerts to surface opportunities to help people within your areas of expertise and passion.

If you want to grow your career, you can use PMAlerts to help your team make data-driven decisions based on a continuous trickle of relevant consumer sentiments.

If you want to auto-generate leads, PMAlerts can empower your salesforce with a way to find people who want what you're offering.

If you believe that customer empathy is a competitive advantage, PMAlerts can help you drive cultural evolution within your organization by reducing the cost of education for you and your peers.

If you want to track sentiment around crypto/stock tickers, you can use PMAlerts to notify you with market-moving information.

Can you give me an example of how this works?

Sure. Let's say you're working on a new product called "FooBar Services". You want to know when people mention your product online, so you enter an alert for "FooBar Services" (quotes included if you want exact matches) into PMAlerts. When someone mentions FooBar Services online, PMAlerts will notify you via email, text, and/or webhook notifications as frequently as you'd like.

What's the difference between "social listening" and "social monitoring"?

Social monitoring is all about getting strategic with metrics and trends. Social listening is about getting tactical with direct engagement. PMAlerts has been built to help you engage with your customers so that you can learn more about real human needs.

Which one is better - social listening or social monitoring?

They're both important! But teams that listen to their customers will have happier customers.

"You've got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology." - Steve Jobs

What are "alerts" and "results"?

Alerts are the things you're listening for, like "FooBar Services". Results are the unique mentions of those things, like a Twitter post that says, "FooBar Services rocks".

Do I have to pay?

Not if you have an, .edu, or nonprofit email account. Otherwise, PMAlerts runs on a freemium business model. If you want to upgrade your account for free, just ask.

My monthly result quota (or alert capacity) has been exceeded. Can you give me a little extra?

Sure, shoot me an email.

How is PMAlerts being built?

PMAlerts is powered by Microsoft technologies: C#, Entity Framework, Dapper, Azure Communication Services, App Services, Azure Functions, WebJobs, Cognitive Services, and Azure SQL.

Do you use crawlers?

Is there advertising on PMAlerts?

No. Ads may be included in your alert results if they match your alert search terms, but PMAlerts doesn't get paid to show you ads.

I can't afford to pay for PMAlerts, but it's helping me a lot. Can I have it for free?

Sure, shoot me an email with a brief description of your needs.

Is PMAlerts reliable?

Not yet. PMAlerts should supplement your social listening strategy, at least until platform coverage stabilizes.

Are my alerts and results public?

If you don't register for an account, your alerts will be publicly accessible via an anonymous link. This link could theoretically be shared with others, so I recommend registering as soon as possible. Otherwise, no, your alerts and results are private.

What are you working on right now?

Validating that this thing actually solves your problems, stabilizing the UI/UX of the web app, and improving the way that PMAlerts notifies you.

What are you working on next?

Once PMAlerts is stabilized, I'd like to focus on building relationships with customers. Maybe I'll build some chat bots that drop alerts into Teams, Slack, and Discord. I'll make this decision based on feedback that I receive from you and other early adopters.

How are you using PMAlerts?

I'm using it to support the launch of a new product at work. I'm also using it to listen for mentions of "social listening tools" and other similar topics so that I can learn more about consumer needs within this space.

Can you help me optimize my alerts?

Sure, shoot me an email and we can brainstorm together.

How can I contact you if I have a feature request or bug report?

Feel free to email me at PMAlerts is also on Twitter.