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Welcome to PMAlerts Internals!

PMAlerts is a social media monitoring tool that lets you monitor the web for mentions of the things you care about. It's similar to Google Alerts, but tuned for social media.
Listeners are special-purpose workers that periodically ask your target platforms (Twitter, Reddit, etc) for the latest activity related to your alerts.
I'd like for PMAlerts to become a decentralized, collectively owned, mostly-autonomous platform that generates democratically managed profit.

To do that, I need to give developers an easy way to build and monetize their own listeners.

I've started this work here: Listeners.

Before developers can plug in, I need to give them an easy way to monitor the performance of their own listeners. That's what this page is for.

Note that this page doesn't display all PMAlerts listeners - it's just the ones I've had time to instrument for this dashboard.
This is a list of listeners, each with a bunch of square boxes next to it. Every box represents the execution of a task by the listener. This page shows you all task executions over the past 24 hours.

Red = error. Green = new results found. Red X = human intervention was needed. Purple = obstacle automatically overcome. Numbers in the boxes = alerts processed. Listeners batch their work into groups of 25 alerts.

You can click on the boxes to dig a bit deeper into the task execution data.

Listener Runlist