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Get even closer to your customers.


25 alerts, 2000 monthly results, SMS, webhooks, Slack notifications, hourly notifications, all platforms.


Start Listening

Perfect for product teams, consultants, and agencies with customer-centric OKRs.


8 alerts, 600 monthly results, SMS, webhooks, Slack notifications, hourly notifications, all platforms.


Start Listening

Perfect for accelerating the growth of already-profitable projects.


3 alerts, 250 monthly results, SMS, webhooks, Slack notifications, all platforms.


Start Listening

Perfect for indie hackers who need to gain traction.

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What's included?

Free Solo Startup Addict
How much does it cost per month? $0 $ $ $
How many alerts can I have? 1 3 8 25
How many results can I get per month? 100 250 600 2000
How many times can I manually reset my quota to 0? 0 10 10 10
Do you listen to Twitter?
The entire internet?
Websites that I specify?
Can I build / use third-party listeners?
Do you offer support?
Can I get email notifications?
Slack notifications?
Hourly notifications?
SMS notifications?
Webhook notifications?
Zapier integration?
Are lead-generation features available?
Can you whitelabel PMAlerts for my consultancy/agency?
Can I create teams and add team members?

The wall of love

What if I have questions?

Feel free to email me or DM PMAlerts on Twitter!

I'm worried about using up my quota while I experiment.

Registered PMAlerts users get ten free quota resets, so you don't have to worry about using up your quota while you experiment.

What's your refund / cancellation policy?

If you're not happy with PMAlerts, or if you just forgot about your subscription and didn't realize you were paying, contact me and I'll take care of you. I only want you to pay for PMAlerts if it's helping you make way more money than the cost of your subscription.

What if I'm new to social media monitoring?

I'd be happy to personally onboard you. Send me an email with a description of your objectives and I'll respond with some personalized tips!

What does "all platforms" mean?

PMAlerts listens to Twitter, Reddit, Quora, HackerNews, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, ProductHunt, Blind, StackOverflow, GitHub, and the entire web (via search engines). Keep in mind that PMAlerts doesn't catch everything.

What if I want more than 25 alerts / 2000 results?

That would be an Enterprise plan! Let me know if this is something you need.